Since our first journey to the streets in 2007, Street Souls have been fortunate to have assembled a rather wonderful “Crew” of volunteers, a distribution system that works and most importantly, something our friends on the street look forward to.

We are rather more than “a soup run” and distribute sleeping bags, hats, socks, clothing, dental and washing materials in various quantities as we are able to acquire cheaply or for free. We serve a balanced hot meal, rather sumptuous sandwiches, cakes, chocolate, fajitas, sausage on a stick etc., etc. and always plenty of coffee, hot chocolate, soup, orange juice and water. We generally have enough to feed 120 folk.

We operate at least twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Friday with the occasional extra night thrown in. For the past year, our distribution point has been Christchurch Gardens, (close to New Scotland Yard, between Caxton Street and Victoria Street).

We receive no statutory grants and rely solely on the generosity of the public and business to fulfil our commitments.

All participants will receive a sponsored STREET SOULS T-shirt, a must-have item for any wardrobe!

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